queen-mother-in-vietnum9queen-mother-in-vietnum3queen-mother-in-vietnum4queen-mother-in-vietnum8Her Royal Highness the Queen Mother attends attends united nations vasek global gender conference in Hanoi Vietnam.

Queen mother of Tooro attends united nations vasek global gender conference in Hanoi to support applying culture as a tool to meet millennium development goals that include but not limited to the social and economic transformation of  the women and the girl child .As  the founder of AQWCLN a continental partnership between African queens, United Nations, cultural leaders  and the African union seeking to address social and economic transformation for the women and girl child using cultural as the new means and critical tool of intervention  to :

1) Reduce poverty

2) Mitigate disputes to enhance peace

3) Protect women reproductive rights

4) Enhance women rights to inherit property

5) Reduce the mother and baby mortality rtes

6) Reduce teenage pregnancy

7) Prevent HIV/AIDS

8) Reduce sexual violence against women and the girl child

Our faith and culture has shaped has always shaped  our development and what our roll as women has been when it comes to development, needless to say culture and faith based intervention can NOT be ignored when it comes to social and economic development. ….this is why I came to attend the UNITED NATIONS VESAK CONFRENCE TO SHARE HOW SIMILARITIES IN  OUR TOOLS AND MISSION TO ACHIEVE DEVELOPMENT COUPLED WITH MY VISION AND HIS ROYAL MAJESTY KING OYO TO LEVERAGE CULTURE AND OUR FAITH TO ENHANCE SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC DEPLOYMENT THE QUEEN SAID .